Details Emerge About the Amazon Lobbyist in Atlanta Speculated to be Involved in HQ2

BusinessReal EstateTechnology / December 22, 2017

Amazon registered a lobbyist in Georgia this month in a move that spurred widespread speculation that Atlanta could be a top contender for the site of its second North American headquarters. But Atlanta can’t declare victory quite yet: it turns out the lobbyist has nothing to do with Amazon’s search for a second corporate home, which the company calls HQ2. In a statement to Business Insider late Tuesday, an Amazon representative said: “Amazon’s public policy team works on a variety of issues on behalf of our customers in cities and states across the country. This work is ongoing and not related to our search for HQ2.” The lobbyist, Jacob Oster, …..

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2017 Women in Business Achievement Award Honorees

Business / December 9, 2017

The Women in Business Achievement Awards recognizes the women of Southern Virginia. Honorees are committed to personal and professional success by contributing to the local economy through entrepreneurship and mentoring. The Award is organized by Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal, and is now in its 15th year.

Some of the Honorees Include:

Donna Bishop: Vice president of national tissue donor operations with LifeNet Health.
Nikki Williams: Assistant General Counsel at ADS Inc, of VA Beach.
Sylvia Haines: Ms. Haines is the EVP of operations, at Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

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McConnell’s Shunning Of Obama Supreme Court Nominee Sets Bad Precedent

Business / November 20, 2017

When the transition period between the Obama Administration and Trump Administration took place, the big debate was passing President Obama’s Supreme Court nominations. Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia had passed away and the race was on to replace him. Obama had Merrick Garland tabbed but the thing was the Republican led Senate was bent on blocking any Obama nominees. That blocking charge was led by none other than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Military Friendly Companies Across the U.S.

Business / September 26, 2017

Military researches and ranks thousands of employers and their programs and benefits for recruiting and retaining Veterans. Included is a list of the top 4 military friendly employers in the Defense and Security industry who are ranked Gold, which means that they are within 20% of the 10th-ranked organizations. ADS Inc is the first company on our…

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Here’s how Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X compare with the top Android smartphones

Business / September 13, 2017

We won’t know exactly how Apple’s new iPhones stack up with the competition until we get them in hand. The iPhone X matches rivals with its large screen. But at least on paper, its new flagship iPhone Xcompares favorably with its rivals — at least if you can set aside its $1,000 price. Apple unveiled its latest iPhones, which include the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well as the iPhone X, at a press eventon Tuesday. In looks as well as in specs, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus represent incremental updates from last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The most noticeable difference is that the backs of the …..

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Mall Giant Westfield Corp Adding Apartments to Portfolio

Real Estate / November 8, 2016

Westfield Corporation is best known for it’s high-end shopping malls. They currently have malls in the UK, US, and Italy. The 35 malls comprise almost 6,500 retail shops which produced $16 billion in sales for 2015. They are now (slowly but surely) entering into the residential real estate development arena. Can a company known for delivering a quality, high-brow, retail experience to consumers, also provide the comfort, safety, and convenience of home-life? New Growth Potential According to their own website, Westfield is eager to polish their portfolio by, “…exploring opportunities in new markets.” This year, Westfield has been approved to build apartment complexes in the UK and the US. While …..

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Will AT&T’s Bid for Time Warner Succeed?

Business / October 31, 2016

AT&T’s blockbuster bid for Time Warner Inc. might be a boon for investment bankers, lawyers and lobbyists, but it is anyone’s guess whether investors, employees and consumers ultimately would benefit from the combination. Since the $85.4-billion deal was unveiled last weekend, AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson and Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Jeffrey Bewkes have extolled the advantages of marrying the nation’s second largest wireless phone provider with a leading entertainment company, which owns such assets as HBO, CNN, TBS, Cartoon Network and the Warner Bros. film and TV studio in Burbank. AT&T estimated that it could achieve $1 billion in cost savings in three years after buying Time Warner. …..

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Secure Your Retirement With Rental Properties

Real Estate / October 27, 2016

Retirement can be some of the best years of your life if you have planned for it properly. By proper planning, think mainly about your financial situation in retirement. Way too often people will work their entire lives only to realize they do not have enough income to truly enjoy their retirement and will have to keep working in order to simply pay their bills.  I.R.A. and a 401k type retirement accounts will certainly be a big part of your retirement income but the one retirement strategy that never fails and has worked for many is to invest in real estate early in life. Why Rental Property? There are several …..

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