Oil Prices Break $50 Barrier

Business / May 26, 2016

While the recovery to $50 is good news for oil companies like Chevron (CVX) and countries like Nigeria that depend on oil revenue, prices are still painfully low. Crude was well above $100 a barrel as recently as two years ago.

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3 of the Largest Malls in the United States

Business / April 7, 2016

Managed by a major player in the Florida real estate industry, Jackie Soffer (married to Craig Robins), Aventura Mall is a super-regional shopping center located in Miami, Florida. This is the largest shopping mall in Florida and also happens to be the third biggest shopping center in the United States.

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The Salary You Need to Afford a Home in These 25 Cities

Real Estate / April 7, 2016

The average American needs to make a little over $51,000 a year to afford the median-priced home—including principal, interest, taxes and insurance—in the U.S., a study released this week by mortgage information website HSH.com. This assumes the buyer has good to excellent credit (and thus would get a mortgage interest rate—depending on location—of around 4%), put down 20% and would be spending no more than 28% of income on principal and interest.

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Microsoft to Ship Developer HoloLens for $3,000 in March

Technology / February 29, 2016

That’s around the same time Facebook’s Oculus will begin shipping the consumer version of its Rift virtual-reality headset for $600. HoloLens differs from the Oculus Rift in that it makes the viewer see three-dimensional objects in the real world, rather than blocking out the real and replacing it with a 360-degree fictional universe.

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The Paris climate talks ended in elation — now the real work begins,

Environment News / January 22, 2016

In May 1927, a fearless aviator named Charles Lindbergh circled his fragile single-engine monoplane, waiting for tens of thousands of expectant Parisians to clear the runway at Le Bourget Field. When he landed, completing his solo trans-Atlantic flight, the jubilant crowd erupted — it was a unifying moment of “can-do” optimism that electrified people around the globe. Eighty-eight years later, on Dec. 12, 2015, history was made again at Le Bourget. Delegates from 196 nations, for the first time ever, agreed at the 21st United Nations Climate Summit to reduce their carbon emissions, wean the world economy off fossil fuels, and give the human race a shot at surviving the rapidly …..

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2015 was warmest year on record; El Niño, climate change to blame

Environment News / January 18, 2016

Planet Earth’s hot streak continues. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s most recent State of the Climate report confirmed what many climatologists have been predicting for most of the past year. The year 2015 was the warmest since records on that statistic have been kept starting in 1880. The average temperature last year was 1.62 degreesFahrenheit above the 20th-century average of 57 degrees. That temperature topped the record set in 2014 by 0.29 degrees. Last year not only was the warmest calendar year, it also was the warmest 12-month period on record. The reason behind the 2015 heat wave might be familiar to Phoenix-area residents, explained Arizona State University professor Randy Cerveny. A climatologist, Cerveny serves as …..

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New York Foam Ban Has Been Overturned

Business / September 29, 2015

Dart Corporation, one of the largest producers of expanded polystyrene foam, has won a lawsuit to overturn the New York foam ban on the use of plastic foam containers. The campaign to ban the containers was led by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and current Mayor Bill de Blasio. The bill took effect in July, after lawmakers voted to approve it two years prior in 2013. At that point, the city decided that the foam could not be recycled. Justice Margaret A. Chan of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan ruled that the city’s claim that recycling used polystyrene containers was not environmentally effective or economically feasible. The judge ordered the …..

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7 Steps for Starting a Business

Business / September 13, 2015

In today’s world, everyone would like to own a business. This is because many people consider that being a business owner has only advantages, like plenty of money and a lot of free time. However, this is not true, as there is a lot of work to be done for starting a business. It’s not impossible or difficult, but it’s not easy either. Most of the times, people postpone starting their own business due to the lack of money. The truth is that they don’t trust their own abilities in performing a certain task, and that task could bring them a nice income if they simply try. Here are some …..

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