Good Riddance to the NYC Foam Ban!

Environment News / January 26, 2016 /

The New York foam ban on food service items in the city that used foam products was a controversial decision, which in turn caused a ton of debate. The basis for this type of ban was that these types of products have been winding up in landfills and the reality is that if they are not recycled, they will stay there and not break down for about five hundred years, which was a lot of concern for a bunch of environmentalists.

Their argument was that polystyrene products were not being recycled, which led to the overall ban. However, there had not been any type of plans to start recycling the products on a larger scale, just like you would recycle cans or bottles. In fact, polystyrene can easily be recycled on a large scale, which is why it is great that this type of ban has been overturned.

A judge had put the ban into place, but the ban has effectively been overturned, which has created a great path towards a large scale recycling operation in the city. Foam has been such a popular item in the food service industry, based primarily on the fact that it is so cheap to purchase, leaving various business in the city and around the country the ability to save a lot of money. The overall costs to run this type of business went up by a lot when the ban went into effect, which is why it is so great that the ban has been overturned. There has not been enough efforts in the past to create a large scale recycling operation going, but the overturn of the ban on foam has created a perfect path for us to go in that direction.

The debate on banning foam has been a hot topic and a heavily debated issue all over the country, but seeing a major city such as New York, who has previously declared a ban on all foam products overturn their ban is a very positive and hopeful thing for the rest of the country. Other cities will see what is going on and will be closely watching what ends up happening in the city, which hopefully will involve starting a large scale recycling operation of polystyrene products. Doing this would benefit everyone around the country, as well as be a great thing for the environment, so the overturn has been a huge win for everyone.