Notable Residents Living in FL’s Prime Real Estate

Real Estate / July 25, 2016 /

The most notable people in Florida live in amazing communities that are dotted with palm trees, decorated with beautiful homes and contain some of the finest landscaping in all of America. This article explains how small communities in Florida host the most affluent people in the country, and you will learn the characteristics of these three communities that set them apart from the others. Each community on this list would be the most brilliant destination for a family, couple or single who wishes to move to Florida.

South Beach
South Beach is the southernmost portion of the city of Miami, and the community sits away from the other ethnic communities in the area. The beach is completely covered in resorts, and the beach has nearly-white sand stretching from one end to the other. One of the most vibrant party scenes in the world exists just off the beach, and there are beautiful condos, homes and apartments for denizens to rent/own. You will be moving into an area that welcomes the party while offering you a beautiful place to live that seems tranquil in the morning.

Indian Creek Island
Indian Creek Island is set apart from the communities around it because it has been settled on an island all unto itself. The island is its own community with a security detail, patrols and houses that are unique to the area. You will pass through a beautiful gate to enter the community, and you will find amazing homes on every street. You may choose to rent in one of the condominium complexes, and you may still partake in the elegant beauty of the area. The residents that make up Indian Creek include a number of recognized faces like real estate developer, Jackie Soffer (, car dealership owner, Norman Braman and technology entrepreneur, Robert Diener.

Palm Beach
Palm Beach is an extremely-popular community that sits right on the beach north of Miami. There are several people living in Palm Beach who choose to commute into Miami, and there are several celebrities who call Palm Beach their home. The city is one of the highest-earning in all of America, and it still has room for the middle class. There are brilliant apartments and small family homes to choose from, or you may choose to live in a bungalow on the beach.

You may select any of these three communities for your personal relocation, and your family will deeply-enjoy the beach atmosphere that permeates these communities. There are beautiful buildings, amazing shops and housing arrangements for everyone from the CEO to the family.