VisionCorps| A Pathway to Hope for People with Profound Disabilities

Business / September 14, 2017 /

VisionCorps is a non-profit that works closely with SourceAmerica in obtaining meaningful employment to the nation’s 80% of disabled people. This is the staggering number who do not have jobs. VisionCorps helps to bring independence to the blind and profoundly visually impaired. The services are free to the blind or visually impaired residents in the areas they serve.

Their vision can be summed up by saying that they believe that the blind are still active and have as much chance of contributing to society as anyone. All it takes is the cooperation of businesses and people to bang together their resources. This is why they chose to work with SourceAmerica. This company offers several non-
profits that are hand chosen to serve the blind and disabled community in several ways.

First, they are offered tools and resources in the form of products and skills that make their daily life as normal as can be. They strive to make the quality of life for these special and often times talented and willing people as joyful as possible. They learn both personal life and professional skills that take them from the bondage of their disability and springboard them into a real and active life.

Second; they are placed in real companies, these are large chain companies as well as smaller ones. They are made to feel useful and independent by working each day, serving the community. They can also take part in volunteering for other groups and non-profits.

At VisionCorps the social worker and the client work together to decide how to address and fulfill the client’s individual goals. This is a team effort and at no time does the client lose the right to create their own path. This is a co-creation process with the skilled and dynamic people at the non-profit.