Washington D.C. Executive Recruiters

Business / June 24, 2016 /

Washington D.C. is a very high paced and competitive place to start a career; especially when it comes to placing high-profile executives like Gary Burnison. Forbes ranks Washington D.C. has the number one competitive job market in the United States, which means a person needs an executive recruiting team by their side to help aid in their career search.

Lucas Group Executive Recruiters: Lucas Group has self-proclaimed themselves as one of the most trustworthy executive recruiting firms in the Washington D.C. area. They developed in the 1970’s in Atlanta GA, and eventually were about to expand to larger metro areas, which included Washington D.C. They pride themselves on having a unique approach when it comes to recruiting, by creating lifelong connections, relationships, and associates. Over the past few decades, Lucas Group has adopted multiple national offices, expanded practice groups, hired new employees, and adapted to the ever-changing technology.

Robert Half Executive Search: Robert Half’s executive recruiting skills to leave a candidate with the ability to expedite being hired, and ultimately find the best match for a person’s specific wants and needs in an executive company. At the same time aiding in helping the company hire the proper executive for their team. They kick off their process in the research phase, where they begin to work collaboratively with a person, and their own recruiting team to discuss want exactly the client is looking for as far as a position goes. They then go to the next step which is candidate development, which helps aid in speeding up the hiring process by eliminating candidates that do not fit the specific needs of the executive candidate the company wishes to hire. They then land the candidates they believe are the best fit an interview.

JDG Associates: JDG Associates is an executive recruiter that prides themselves in their ability to be trustworthy and still deliver the results desired for the candidate. They were founded in 1973, and they use the ability of open-ended communication with their clients to adapt if the client requires changes throughout the searching process. They believe their success for the past forty years is from their passion and commitment to their clientele. They know what should be required when it comes to an executive and they make sure they deliver those requirements, weeding out the ones who do not fit the specific criteria but forward by the employer.